Boy or Girl ?

nursery decorating girlsA variety of different baby room decoration ideas are storming the market and parents are eager to put them into use in their homes for their baby’s rooms. Apart from the necessary items in a baby room, the idea of making the baby room a great and trendy place for the baby to live in is rapidly catching up. The new parents are always keen to give their baby a room that is not only in trend with the current decoration themes available but also something unique and fresh. A baby room is the most wonderful part of a home and parents are now investing more in their child’s most wonderful days, their childhood.

Some prominent theme areas and ideas used to decorate baby rooms these days can be: patterns in design, patterns in colour, fairy tale themes, fun themes and many other innovative ideas.

The pattern play baby room decoration idea

Design patterns can make a room look revamped, new and give it an ethnic touch. These patterns add a unique touch to the room and can give your child the best baby room in the neighbourhood. Yes, your neighbours are judging you by your baby room. These patterns are inspired from treasures of the far-east. These wonderful patterns have a unique focal point, a lacquered and gilded wardrobe covered in elaborate scenes making it a delight for the eyes. Inspired from Asian designs, the look gives the room a strong visual flavour and lights it up with light hearted enigma.

The colour play baby room decoration idea

Colours speak different languages and depict various moods. They can easily light up a room and make it look big and stickers baby roomairy. Colour combinations can also bring out the best in the rooms of your house, and, thus, the baby room can be painted such that the new beginning can be made even more bright and special. Can’t believe that claim can you? Colour basics are choosing the colours for the baby boy and baby girl’s rooms. The baby boy rooms are generally set up by having blue as the basic colour and pink is the colour for a baby girl’s room. For parents who choose not to know the gender of their baby, they can decorate it in neutral colours. The joy of painting the room for your baby is wonderful in every sense and colours can be an apt description of this joy and sense of celebration. Bright yellow colour can light up the room. Stripes and shaped patterns can be used to give the room an extra splash of colour. As parents, one has to be intuitive and guess the kind of designs and colours the child would like to grow up with and model the room accordingly.

A baby room is not just a place for the baby to stay in, it will reflect in the baby’s personality and way of life. A room where the baby grows up has to be in line with the baby’s personality and can give him a childhood experience that is prices. This is how important your baby room decor is.

Welcoming a baby to your home is the greatest pleasure of any home-owner, right after paying the mortgage off. That is why you need a great idea for the baby room decoration. It is normal practice for the first time parents, as well as those expecting a new baby, to be extremely excited and make preparations for the little one. The preparations can include colours, fabrics, furniture, shoes, and windows. The baby’s room is very important because the child’s first memory will be of this room. You do not want to ruine your child’s childhood do you? That is why the baby room’s decoration ideas are very important.

Some decoration ideas like the ‘Minty fresh’ decoration ideas and the ‘Warm Welcome’ decoration idea have become very popular lately. I know, what is minty fresh or warm welcome?

Minty fresh is the concept of using green as the base colour for a room. Many researches have proved that green is one of the best colours for decorating or painting a baby room. The freshness and feel of the colour is considered the best for babies or newly-born. Green combined with a touch of pink and white is an awesome combination for a baby girl room and, when combined with blue and white, can light up your baby boy’s room as well. Scientifically, Green is considered to be the colour of growing things and has been adopted in the ideas for room decoration. Hand painted waves or fun circles on the wall will go with simple shapes and mild colours and can spur life into the room. Other colours that go well with the green in a sunny room are peach, coral, sunshine yellow and pink.

Minty fresh baby nursery designWarm welcome, as the name suggests, is a unique style to welcome the newly borne baby. The room for the baby is designed in such a way that it represents a sense of welcome and spirited attitude. The design throws positive vibes, and parents have found this theme to be very conducive to bring up their little angels. A mixture of bright warm colours combined with light colours on a few walls is the core concept of this theme. Children often enjoy these themes when they grow up. As the room contributes in the kind of a personality the child has, the warm welcome theme can be a great impetus in making the child warm hearted and friendly.

The baby rooms can be decorated in different styles and many themes are available with the interior decorators. One can choose from different mood patterns to different colour moods and from fairy-tales themed rooms to cartoon themed ones.

A baby room is an unforgettable part of one’s childhood and parents make it a point to not only make it a great place for the baby to live but also ensure that it is comfortable and meets safety standards. The safety of the baby is the greatest concern for any parent. A good room with all the requisite facilities and provisions can make your baby’s childhood memorable.

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