Modern Nursery Ideas that you can use Today

nursery decoratingOne of the best nursery ideas that you can have is to have the theme of the room match the rest of the house. So, if you have a country style house, have a country style nursery. If you have a western house made of adobe, have a western style nursery. If you have a loft, have your nursery resemble that as well. If you are reading this, I am guessing that your house’s theme is modern so you would want a modern nursery.

Modern Nursery Ideas and Themes

What are some good ways to make a nursery modern? No, we are not talking about having the latest electronics in it. This list below has some very good modern nursery ideas:

  • Use stainless steel. Stainless steel is a great signal that the theme is modern. Also use sleek curves.
  • Have lots of colors on the walls. Modern rooms have colorful walls. Plain white or eggshell is out of the order. You can have red and white, blue and white, or even pink and white walls. Go to Home Depot to look at what is available. The technicians there can help you out a lot in terms of choosing a color and design.
  • Use dark stained wood. Dark stained wood looks great and adds that modern touch to any room. It is a great way to reuse a dresser or wardrobe as well. You can sand down an old dresser or wardrobe and stained it dark for the baby’s room.
  • Have a HD TV inside the room. Nothing screams modern like a HD TV! With a large, wide screen, HD TV, your baby will be ready for the Superbowl as well as Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.
  • Do not use floral pillow. These belong in a country themed house and not a modern one. Also do not have cross knitting on the walls. This is ugly.

What to do after you have your Modern Nursery Ideas

After you have some ideas of what to do with your baby’s room, the first step would be to sit down with your husband or wife and plan a budget. This is an often overlooked part of decorating a room because it is the least fun. Most people just want to jump right in, until they run out of cash that is. Expect to spend a few thousand dollars on your baby’s room. You can get away with less if you buy used or salvaged items.

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